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Goodies Wastewater Supplies

Non Categorized Oxenford

Street / Nr.
PO Box 1524 Map / Route
ZIP / City
4209 Oxenford
1300 282181


Goodies Wastewater Supplies is the leading wholesaler of pumps and equipment to the Australian wastewater industry. The biggest sector we cater for is the domestic aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS) also referred to as a home sewage treatment plant (HSTP). We sell a comprehensive range of quality air pumps, water pumps and spare parts at competitive prices.

Goodies Wastewater Supplies has a growing network of dealers located in each state of Australia. We only stock pumps and spares that have been proven to be of reliability and quality. These include: Davey D25A, D25VA, D40A, D40VA, & D42A; Techno Takatsuki Hiblow FP60, FP80, HP60, HP80, HP100, HP120, HP150, HP200 & XP80; Nitto Medo LA80B; Sakuragawa GJL GJH; Rietschle Thomas and Yasunaga LP60A, LP70H. LP80H, LP80HN, LP100A, LP100H, LP120A, LP120H, LP150H, LP150HN, LP200H & LP200HN.

Goodies Wastewater Supplies is strategically located on the Gold Coast. We are central to our dealer base and within half an hour of Australiaâ??s transport capital, ensuring our dealers receive the best possible delivery times.

Goodies Wastewater supplies is a privately Australian owned business offering online ordering and payments. We also offer traditional phone/fax/email. What makes us unique to do business with is the high level of personal attention we give to our dealers.

Whilst we do not sell direct to the public we can provide people with the contact details of the three closest dealers to them via our Dealer Locator form.

If you are an Australian wastewater industry related business and would like to become a dealer please contact us or complete the Australian Dealer Registration form.

If you are an international business please use the International Enquiry form.

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